Nelson is currently a postdoc at JILA and will start his own research group at Caltech in early 2025. We already have openings, get in touch at or see Opportunities for more details.

Darkwah-Oppong Lab @ Caltech

The Darkwah-Oppong lab will be a new experimental research group in the Physics Department at Caltech. We are broadly interested in questions from quantum science and precision measurement, such as:

To investigate these and related questions, we will use the powerful toolbox of AMO physics and rely on the rich electronic structure of alkaline-earth-like atoms as well as the versatility of programmable atom arrays.

Rendering of the Ginsburg Center for Quantum Precision Measurement
Credit: HOK

We are excited to be part of the vibrant Quantum Science and Engineering community at Caltech. Our laboratories will be located in the brand new Ginsburg Center for Quantum Precision Measurement (picture shows architectural visualization) which brings together theorists and experimentalist working in quantum science.